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About the tool

The removal of a compression sleeve takes less than a minute. The great advantage of this tool is its small size. There is no need to remove any of the lines or pipes associated with the sink or other plumbing to use this tool. No additional access is needed beyond that needed to remove the angle valve. Once the angle valve is off, the tool is simply threaded on by hand and the screw is turned in with a ratchet or wrench.

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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) - Video demonstration

See this great demonstration video from our friends at See Jane Drill:

How To Remove a Stuck Ferrule from a Copper Pipe in Seconds

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As you can see in the video, this tool is easy to use and was designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. It is threaded into the compression nut and supports itself when attached. After attaching the tool to the nut, simply turn the screw inward to pull the sleeve. There is no need to hold on to the tool itself while pulling the sleeve. It locks into place on the compression nut and does not allow any rotation while the sleeve is being pulled. Pulling is a one-hand operation. After pulling, install a new angle valve, hook up the water line and the job is finished.

How it works

product info

To use, simply remove the old angle valve and thread the tool into the nut. The tool has a patented "Dual Thread" which fits both fine and coarse compression nuts. It is made of hardened steel and will not break or corrode. It has the strength to pull even the most corroded-on sleeves and will last a lifetime. The advanced design of this Dual Thread sleeve puller makes it very quick and easy to use.

Plumbing manufacturers advise that a new compression sleeve be used every time an old angle valve is replaced. This assures a secure and waterproof installation of the new valve. The removal of the old compression sleeve is very difficult and requires the use of a sleeve puller. There are several sleeve pullers on the market, but most are large and difficult to use. This new compression sleeve puller is small, strong and efficient. Below is the tool next to a quarter. Its small size allows it to fit anywhere needed without removing pipes, lines, or toilets.

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Product comparison

Old vs. New

product comparison

The figure above shows Old Technology sleeve pullers next to the new Dual Thread puller.

The first tool on the left is the Bleckman thread-in sleeve puller. It is very long and has a handle attached for turning the screw. It will fit only fine-thread nuts and can not pull sleeves with coarse nuts. It is therefore not considered to be a "general purpose" puller. All lines and pipes near the valve must be disconnected and removed in order to attach the tool and turn the handle. It will not fit behind a toilet in cases where the shutoff valve is located closely behind the toilet.

The second tool is the Pull-Rite puller which is heavy and expensive. It is latched over the compression nut and pulls the nut by turning the handle. It is awkward to use and requires considerable space to attach and operate. It will not work where there is interference caused by a close cabinet or wall.

The third tool is the Pasco puller and is about the same size as the Pull-Rite tool. It also attaches by latching over the nut. It is lighter and less expensive than the Pull-Rite tool but still requires considerable working space to operate and will not work where there is a close cabinet or wall.

The tool on the right is the English Tool Co. Dual Thread puller. It is smaller and easier to use than the others. It is made of hardened stainless steel and will last a lifetime. It will pull any sleeve quickly and easily and can be attached without moving any pipes or obstacles. It is the only sleeve puller that works every time.

The English Tool Co. puller costs less than any other general purpose puller (the Pull-Rite costs about $50) and is easier and quicker to use. It incorporates new patented technology to make it simple, effective and strong. It out-performs all other tools and will save time on the job. In situations where there are numerous obstacles (or a toilet) in the way of removing a sleeve, the tool can easily save 30-60 minutes of work time compared to using any other puller. This adds to job efficiency and can mean more revenue on a per-job basis. The tool not only pays for itself but will result in higher profit for the plumber. It will also assure that the job is done right by installing a new compression sleeve every time. The do-it-yourselfer will find it to be a quick, easy and fail-proof way to pull compression sleeves and do a professional installation.

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What plumbers say

Plumbers agree that this tool is the best sleeve puller on the market. Here is a forum thread entitled "My Favorite New Tool" started at RidgidForum.com (Plumbers central) talking about this puller, first posted by Dakota, a Senior Member of the Forum and Plumbing Contractor. He shows pictures of the old large tools he used before and says he has taken them out of his tool box for ever. This new small, strong sleeve puller is the only one he carries now. The forum thread continues with other satisfied customers. See his pictures and comments here: http://www.ridgidforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34086

Feedback about our tool from plumbers and DIYers has been enthusiastically in favor of this tool. Plumbers save time and effort using this tool and complete more jobs in less time. Rather than charging by the hour, plumbers who use this tool have found they can charge a fixed labor cost for each valve replaced.

Even in cramped spaces, valve replacements can now be done in record time.

U.S. orders: 1 tool (incl. U.S. 1-3 day priority USPS tracked shipping) = $41.25
discount applied for ordering 2-10 tools
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(per tool cost lowers for larger orders)

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Compression sleeve puller
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To introduce this new tool to as many users as possible, it is being offered at manufacturer-direct pricing. All prices have been reduced whether it is for one tool or 100. This introductory low price will be a benefit to individual do-it-yourselfers as well as to distributors and suppliers. Plumbing companies may wish to buy the tool for all employees to increase productivity and profits.

Return & refund policy

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